The value of document management integrated with learning management

Understand the value of integrated document management systems (DMS) and learning management systems (LMS).

Regulated industries and law enforcement agencies have specific needs when it comes to managing employee training materials, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other critical documents.

Organizations in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, industrial manufacturing, and security services need a document management system (DMS) for certain purposes and a learning management system (LMS) for other activities. The DMS facilitates SOP creation and formal approval processes, as well as periodic reviews and archiving. Many of these important documents must end up within the LMS, which hosts read-and-sign courses, provides real-time visibility into completion rates, and stores course results.

Since both functions are closely related, they can and should be integrated. A robust integrated learning management and document management system is the best option, from document creation and approval to the collection of e-signatures, distribution based on job roles, and compliant recordkeeping. SyberWorks integrated learning management and document management solution is comprehensive, providing immediate and outsized training value.  Here’s how.

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Start with a streamlined document management cycle

A unified LMS/DMS accommodates the process of gathering SOP input and approval across all stages. Users can easily gather feedback from a large number of stakeholders by broadcasting the document draft to a wider audience. As it is circulated, contributors are automatically notified of any draft updates or requested changes. Users can incorporate and accept changes within the system before routing the updated version to approvers. 

Throughout the entire document creation cycle, an integrated LMS/DMS stores document versions collects input, tracks approvals, and issues automated reminders. It serves as a comprehensive project management tool, sparing users from back-and-forth email feedback and tracking down colleagues for input or approval. Furthermore, it primes the document for use as a training resource by attaching it to certain job roles and departments.

Automatic course delivery through the learning management system – no extra steps required

Once a document is formally approved, the LMS/DMS integration really shines. New or revised SOPs immediately become available as training resources that can easily be distributed online through a user-friendly LMS interface.

Without missing a beat, the unified LMS/DMS will automatically generate a paperless, online read-and-sign course based on the existing document. Even without document updates, it also has the power to generate courses at predetermined intervals.

This type of system will save managers time by distributing notifications to all relevant employees whose job roles are impacted by the new or revised SOP. Participation and completion can be easily tracked as well. Managers can utilize reporting features and issue reminders until all courses reach completion, ensuring that all employees are aware of and able to implement new SOPs in their day-to-day operations.

Minimized human error and oversight because of learning management and document management integration

In matters of compliance, the last thing an organization wants to do is make itself vulnerable to human error and allow critical procedural updates to fall through the cracks. When storing and managing compliance records using separate DMS and LMS tools, there will almost certainly be some discrepancies, as well as extra steps to manually transfer documents from one system to another. A streamlined LMS/DMS eliminates this additional effort and the potential for error. Since all documents live within one system, records will be consistent across the document creation and approval process, read-and-sign course stage, and archived version.

Furthermore, an LMS/DMS can also include checks on user comprehension, such as a required amount of time spent in the document or a course review quiz. This helps ensure that employees are not simply going through the motions during an important training module.

Training reports for managers and leadership from the learning management system

If an SOP defines how an organization does its work and helps ensure quality, business leaders must be able to see that these procedures are being communicated and implemented. Once revised SOPs and other training courses and documents are distributed throughout an organization, an integrated LMS/DMS keeps an eye on employee responses and engagement. 

Managers can view engagement patterns at a glance within the system’s dashboard and can have reports sent to them about active and past-due assignments. Higher-level administrators and department leaders also have the access and visibility they need to ensure that training, quality assurance, and compliance measures are met.

Unparalleled document management and learning management customization

Even within regulated industries, no two organizations are the same. That’s why it’s advantageous to not only adopt a robust LMS/DMS but also to partner with a provider that excels in customization and customer service. With a fully configurable and unified system, administrators won’t have to engineer their own imperfect integration between two separate platforms.

Instead, the experienced team behind a comprehensive LMS/DMS can tailor it to any organization’s specific needs and workflows. The right learning management and document management provider will serve as a collaborator, offering unique solutions to existing problems and inefficiencies.

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What could an integrated learning management and document management system mean for your business?

Your organization creates and maintains SOPs so that employees don’t have the latitude to follow their own inconsistent and potentially unsafe procedures. In the same way, you can implement an integrated LMS/DMS to prevent your workforce following problematic, error prone document and learning management processes.

As one of the few companies that actually integrates LMS and DMS into one robust solution, Syberworks understands the unique needs of regulated industries. Our products are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, support SCORM and AICC, and are completely configurable to your organization’s needs. Contact Syberworks today to book a demo.

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