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With over 25 years experience delivering technology to meet the needs of highly regulated organizations, SyberWorks is the market leader in tailored, compliant learning experiences.

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Learning management, document management, and quality management together in one integrated system.

Lower cost, easier to learn and use with a common interface. If you already have other systems in place, the LMS is incredibly powerful used on its own or integrated with your other systems.

Tailored to your needs

Custom setups, configurations, and integrations to your systems.

Easier for your organization to get started. As you grow, we'll continue to work with you to modify and extend the system as your needs grow.

Built for regulated industries

SyberWorks has over 25 years of experience working with life sciences, manufacturing, law enforcement, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries.

Dedicated feature sets to make sure your training is effective and compliant to meet the more stringent reporting needs.

Full Life Cycle Support

A technical team dedicated to your success from the start of implementation onward.

With dedicated support from the start of your trial through to your implementation and beyond, you can count on SyberWorks. You will know and love your highly technical account management team, in a world that too often expects you to google it or build your own resources.

“Syberworks has made it possible for my business to grow! These guys will work with you one on one to make sure your LMS is set up EXACTLY the way you want it to look and function. This program has allowed us to track individual students extremely easily.”

“I love the support and ability of the system to meet various needs. Customer service is second to none. The reports allow you to see not just who has completed required training, but who needs it. This saves a lot of planning time. It is pay to play and the more users you have, the bigger the discount. This makes it very cost effective.”

“Syberworks ensures that the required training of our staff members on our SOP framework is always current and can be tracked back. We need to deliver the training of more than hundred different documents in about 40 different training sets (defined by the job roles) to our about hundred team members."