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With over 25 years of experience delivering technology to meet the needs of highly regulated organizations, SyberWorks is the market leader in tailored, compliant learning experiences.

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LMS Solutions

SyberWorks provides critical LMS features alongside document management and quality management functionality key to highly regulated industries.

“Our partnership with SyberWorks has been very productive. They are very flexible at problem-solving and help us to meet our 25,000 end users’ learning needs.”

“Our AS9100 audit went really well! We were called out for having the ‘Gold standard’ of systems.”

“SyberWorks has cut the time we spent doing data entry, paperwork and filing down by at least 75%. My employees are able to do more of the creative work they enjoy and make progress on their long-term projects and proposals.”


Services for highly regulated industries

We are with you every step of the way to ensure your organization gets the most out of your integrated learning management system.

Campus Setup

We structure your admin, manager, and student interfaces to meet your learning goals. We load your organization hierarchy, users, job role training matrix, training history and initial courses.


Licensed or hosting options for your campus to meet your compliance and security needs. We provide superior hosting capabilities utilizing Microsoft Azure ®.


Access to the system can be accomplished with form-based authentication with a user id and password and option 2-factor authentication.

System Integration

We can utilize a file-based integration with your HRIS system so user information and organization structure in the LMS is kept up-to-date automatically.

Course Implementation

Deploy course content in a SCORM, AICC, or MP4 format. There can be inconsistencies in how off-the-shelf courses are implemented and we assist in making sure course results are properly communicated to the LMS.

Organization Mapping

We load your management and reporting structure to ensure appropriate follow-up by department or manager. Your organizational structure can be up to 5 levels deep and the linkage between an employee and their immediate supervisor can accommodate any number of levels.

Branding / CSS

We give the system the look and feel of your organization with your logo, color scheme, and CSS to ensure a consistent and comfortable user experience.

Feature Development

The system is highly configurable but sometimes additional capabilities are required. We work closely with you to specify and implement additional functionality to match your workflows and objectives.

Campus Administration

We can provide assistance with some of your administrative tasks such as loading courses and assigning requirements to users for a very reasonable price.

Custom Reporting

The system has over 70 standard reports that provide parameter driven results through date ranges, course selection, optional fields, etc. We are able to assist you in setting up custom reports to meet your specific needs.

Training and Support

The same implementation consultant who works with you on system setup will stay with you every step of the way as you become familiar with the system and identify new requirements.

Pilot Projects

SyberWorks will deliver a portion of your e-Learning course material and/or documents from a private campus on our hosted servers as a testing area for innovative projects and training.