The Premier Integrated LMS, Document Management and Quality Management Solution

Save money and improve auditability with one integrated system custom configured to your needs rather than 3 separate systems.  Or, start with learning management and add other modules as needed.

Integrated LMS
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Built for long term partnership

We deliver highly tailored LMS solutions for regulated industries, and ensure our client's success through ongoing customization and engineering support. Since 1995. 


What our customers say

“Syberworks has made it possible for my business to grow! These guys will work with you one on one to make sure your LMS is set up EXACTLY the way you want it to look and function. This program has allowed us to track individual students extremely easily.”

“Syberworks personnel have collaborated to meet my growing needs and changes from day one with experience and knowledge to solve issues and work as a partner in growth. I love the support and ability of the system to meet various needs. Customer service is second to none.”

“Syberworks provided an excellent solution for LVMPD. I was most impressed with the responsiveness and customization provided by Syberworks. LVMPD is a large organization with special training needs based on area of assignment. Having the ability to customize reports, user groups and online training was essential for our organization, and Syberworks delivered a great product.”


Automate training and ensure compliant delivery

Use the SyberWorks LMS to fully automate your training needs. Start with a customized configuration to meet the needs of your organization.


Transform standard operating procedures into auditable training modules

Using integrated document management capabilities, you can quickly approve and share required materials across your organization. Tracking compliance is simple with detailed reports and reminders.


Maintain the quality of your manufacturing processes

Document and facilitate the review of process incidence and defects. Analyze your results over time to identify common problems that need to be addressed through corrective action plans.


Tailored for your organization

Security / SSO

Single sign-on integrations to connect your HRIS systems. Hosted, secure solutions to match your compliance needs.

Course Catalog

Enable your learners to take the courses they want, not just assigned. Integrated with e-Commerce.


Get feedback from your organization to keep improving compliance and training efforts. Simple to create and roll out across departments.


Easily accessible for end users. Auditable transcripts for administrators to prove training was accomplished.


Track and share progress on training initiatives with over 70 standard reports. Free custom reports for a more tailored experience.


Easy for instructors to grade essay tests in addition to standard digital grading of true/false, single correct, multiple correct, and item matching.

Discussion Groups

Help drive engagement in courses with discussion groups. Connect to grading and leaderboards to encourage participation.


Build trust in your certificates through custom styles with your organization's look and feel.

Department Organization

Map your organization to specific learning needs and requirements, making it easy to automate delivery of training.

Job Roles

Assign custom job roles to individuals, driving course sequences and timing while reducing administration.

UI / Branding

Custom look and feel of your learning management system campus to match your branding.


Custom leaderboards to drive participation among your organization, tied to on time learning and training metrics.


Learn how we partner with you to deliver a tailored solution


Top 8 advantages of an integrated LMS and DMS for regulated industries

In regulated industries, LMS and DMS integration is essential. Since both functions are closely related, they can and should be integrated.


Flexible quarterly pricing, no long term contracts.


Pricing that scales with you

$12/employee to start

Discounts at 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000+ users



Need clarification?

What are the benefits of working with SyberWorks?

With over 25 years experience delivering technology to meet the needs of highly regulated organizations, SyberWorks is the market leader in tailored, compliant learning experiences. 

Top benefits include:

  • Integrated LMS/DMS/QMS. Learning management, document management, and quality management together in one integrated system. Lower costeasier to learn and use with a common interface.
  • Customizable and configurable for your organization. Custom setups, configurations, and integrations to your systems.
  • Built for regulated industries to make compliance reporting easy.
  • Ongoing technical partnership. A technical team dedicated to your success from the start of implementation onward.

How does SyberWorks partner with clients?

We call it full lifecycle partnership.

The technical and human resources to support your learning & development and compliance needs throughout the growth of your business or organization. 

  • Dedicated technical support from Day 1
  • Setup and workflow customizations to meet your organizational needs
  • Ongoing configuration support to grow as your needs grow

Why is workflow customization powerful?

Most LMS vendors expect you to leverage their systems in a generally fixed way, which forces your team to adapt processes and procedures to the system instead of the other way around. 

We believe in setting up your system to map as closely as possible to your operational needs, thus reducing change management down the line. 

We also in many cases consider and execute specific development requests in order to further tailor the system to your organizational needs. Custom development work can increase the efficiency of your team and help meet the specific business objectives of your organization.