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LMS e-Learning Implementation Series Customer Interview:

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GN Netcom's "Jabra University" 


SyberWorks: Welcome to the next edition of the SyberWorks Learning Management System Implementation Interview Series where we look at real-world learning management system implementations and e-learning program rollouts.

SyberWorks specializes in custom e-learning solutions,learning management systems, and e-learning development for corporations, governments, and non-profit institutions. 

Today we're talking with David Grazio, Director of Channel Marking for GN Netcom about how they use the SyberWorks Hosted Learning Management System to track and manage partner, reseller, and employee training. Good afternoon, David. Thanks for coming to talk with us today.

David Grazio: Good afternoon. Thanks for having me here today.

SyberWorks: David, tell us about yourself and what you do for GN Netcom.

David: I manage the Enterprise Channel Marketing team at GN Netcom and we work directly with our distribution partners and our resellers, providing them with programs, tools, and resources that they can leverage to successfully position and sell Jabra solutions.

We also work closely with our other cross-functional teams including sales, product support, finance, and operations and provide them with partner intelligence so that we can work better and more effectively with our partner community.

SyberWorks: Can you tell us a little bit more about GN Netcom, its products and services?

David: GN Netcom is the industry-leading provider of award-winning unified communication headset solutions, which enable our customers to experience the best audio performance, quality, and comfort in all their conversations.

GN Netcom offers wireless solutions for customers with the need to be hands-free so they can multitask while working in the office, traveling on the road, or if they are working remotely, along with corded headsets for contact centers. GN Netcom headsets are compatible with all major phone vendors including Polycom, Alcatel-Lucent, Astra, IBM, Avia, Cisco, and Microsoft.

SyberWorks: How are you using the SyberWorks Hosted Learning Management System to track and manage partner, reseller, and employee training?

David: For our partner community we’re delivering sales and technical certification on Jabra solutions and we’re also developing “Jabra University” to include some training curriculum maps for various audiences, which we have identified as sales, technical, marketing, and also executives.

We’re also going to be introducing some of the non-product training courses to focus in key areas of our partner’s business such as negotiating skills, value based selling, demonstrating to win, and also selling to key vertical market segments among others.

For GN employees, we’re going to be working with our human resources department to integrate our new higher orientation training within the SyberWorks LMS along with some other management training courses and some industry certifications such as Avia, Cisco, and Microsoft.

SyberWorks: Are there any other training goals or objectives that you would like to share with us?

David: For the SyberWorks LMS we’re going to be introducing other partner training tools and resources such as selling guides, whitepapers, product videos, best practice guides and FAQs to really help facilitate our partner’s ability to position and sell Jabra solutions into their marketplaces. We’ll be assisting our partners to enhance their sales skills and knowledge so they are successful in delivering a complete value-add solution to their customers, of which Jabra products are an integral part of that solution.

We’re also building some best practices in developing executive management training curriculums for our partner business leaders and providing them with strategy, consulting, and industry techniques to help them manage the business profitably and also successfully.

SyberWorks: Can you tell our audience a little more about the online training itself and the types of course and reference material that you provide through the online training portal?

David: As part of the Jabra partner program, we’ve developed the sales and technical training curriculum which our channel partners can access by vesting our partner portal, which is the PartnerNet site. For sales training we have three modules available that focus on the GN Netcom corporate overview the Jabra headset market analysis and overview, also Jabra product positioning and some messaging which includes a detailed competitive analysis.

For our technical training course, we have four modules available, which includes the above information along with some headset installation instructions and deployment best practices along with details on how to demonstrate Jabra headset guide for our partners.

SyberWorks: That sounds great. I know you’re a busy man and you have to go, so thank you for joining us today and have a great afternoon.

David: It was a pleasure. Thanks for having me.

SyberWorks:  Thank you for joining us with our interview with David Grazio of GN Netcom on the SyberWorks LMS e-Learning Implementation Interview Series. Talk with you again next month.