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New SyberWorks Media Center Article: “Municipal Police Department Utilizes Learning Management to Improve Training Programs-A Law Enforcement Training Management Case Study”

Waltham, Massachusetts – November 30, 2006

SyberWorks, Inc., a leader in custom e-Learning Solutions and the Learning Management System (LMS) industry, today announces a new white paper available in the SyberWorks Online Media Center: “Municipal Police Department Utilizes Learning Management to Improve Training Programs-A Law Enforcement Training Management Case Study” by Dave Boggs, CEO of SyberWorks, Inc.

Dave Boggs, states:

“This white paper examines the training challenges faced by law enforcement agencies on a daily basis. Some of their problems are common to many training organizations, such as the limitations of homegrown information systems, managing records and certifications via spreadsheet, and deploying e-Learning using non-technical staff. But many law enforcement agencies have additional special needs, including tracking and managing firearms qualification and recertification, roll-call training, less-lethal weapons management and training, and generating training-record documents for use as evidence in trials and hearings.”

Boggs continues, “The white paper also offers an operational blueprint for deploying training in law enforcement environments. In general, law enforcement agencies have especially critical needs for tracking and managing training, because they are under constant scrutiny by local, state, and federal governments, and because they must follow strict policing and enforcement regulations in their communities.”

Dave Bogg's article is located in the SyberWorks Online Media Center at http://www.syberworks.com/articles/cs_police.htm.

About The Author

Dave Boggs is the founder and CEO of SyberWorks, Inc (http://www.syberworks.com). He has been involved with computer-based and web-based training for more than twelve years. Before founding SyberWorks, Dave was the VP of Sales and Business Development for Relational Courseware. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Union College in Schenectady, NY, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

About SyberWorks

SyberWorks, Inc. (www.syberworks.com) is a leader in the custom and Learning Management System industries for Fortune 1000 corporations, higher education, and other industries. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company serves the multi-billion-dollar e-Learning market. Since 1995, SyberWorks has developed and delivered unique and economical solutions to create, manage, measure, and improve e-Learning programs at companies and organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries.

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