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The e-Learning Lingo Podcast #2: Cognitive Flexible Learning Theory

Waltham, Massachusetts – May 24, 2006

SyberWorks, Inc., a leader in custom e-Learning Solutions and the Learning Management System industry, today announces the next episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series about the term, Cognitive Flexible Learning Theory.

Dave Boggs, CEO of SyberWorks, states:

“This episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast series describes a learning theory that contains practical applications in the field of corporate training and development. For example, when developing a corporate training program, instruction must encourage learners not only to memorize facts and concepts, but also teach them how to apply these concepts to various work situations; which is where we see cognitive learning theory in action.”

The e-Learning Lingo Podcast: Episode #2 “Cognitive Flexible Learning Theory” http://www.syberworks.com/audio/lingopodcast2.mp3 is located in the SyberWorks Online Media Center at http://www.syberworks.com/lingo_podcast.htm in the About Us section of the SyberWorks web site. The transcript is located at http://www.syberworks.com/lingo2_transcript.htm.

About SyberWorks

SyberWorks, Inc. (www.syberworks.com) is a leader in the custom and Learning Management System industries for Fortune 1000 corporations, higher education, and other industries. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company serves the multi-billion-dollar e-Learning market. Since 1995, SyberWorks has developed and delivered unique and economical solutions to create, manage, measure, and improve e-Learning programs at companies and organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries.

SyberWorks, Inc.
411 Waverley Oaks Road
Building 3, Suite 319
Waltham, MA 02452

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