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Akorri Selects the SyberWorks Hosted Learning Management System for Sales, Technology Partner, and End-User Product Training

Waltham, Massachusetts – October 21, 2008

SyberWorks, a leader in custom e-Learning Solutions and the Learning Management System industry, announced today that Akorri, Inc. selected the SyberWorks Hosted Learning Management System (LMS) to provide channel sales, technology partner, and end user product training for their BalancePoint Cross-Domain Performance Management Software for the virtualized data center.

Paul Marichal, Vice President of Customer Support and Services, states, “Akorri implemented the SyberWorks Hosted LMS so we could transition from in-person, hands-on training to worldwide online training. Online training is an efficient way to support our broad and rapidly expanding, global training needs.

“We are using the system for product training for customers and sales, plus installation certification for channel partners. Akorri chose the SyberWorks Hosted Learning Management System because it is scalable, cost-effective, and has additional functionality that we can take advantage of as our company grows.”

Marichal continues, “Since deploying SyberWorks, we have been able to quickly transition from in-person, hands-on training to online training, and to significantly reduced both the time and cost of training end users and channel partners.”

Dave Boggs, CEO of SyberWorks, states, “Today, customers, partners, and resellers are demanding more from the products and services corporations provide. Technology and manufacturing companies, plus businesses in many other value-added sectors, are using the SyberWorks Hosted LMS because training and support are vital to the proper use and performance of their products and services. The SyberWorks Hosted Learning Management System is a great, cost-effective solution for companies that must provide value-added services due to the system's scalability and robust feature set.”

About Akorri

Akorri cross-domain performance management software with advanced analytics provides automated visibility and analysis across IT silos, to help enterprises fix problems, optimize utilization, and improve performance in the virtualized data center. Certified by VMware, the Akorri BalancePoint virtual appliance provides visibility into the root cause of performance issues through deep-drill-down into server and storage resources, and through the ability to improve understanding of both server and storage virtualization. BalancePoint supports a wide range of applications, servers, and storage systems. For more information, visit www.akorri.com.

About SyberWorks

SyberWorks, Inc. (www.syberworks.com) is a leader in the custom and Learning Management System industries for Fortune 1000 corporations, higher education, and other industries. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company serves the multi-billion-dollar e-Learning market. Since 1995, SyberWorks has developed and delivered unique and economical solutions to create, manage, measure, and improve e-Learning programs at companies and organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries.

SyberWorks, Inc.
411 Waverley Oaks Road
Building 3, Suite 319
Waltham, MA 02452

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