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e-Learning Lingo Podcast #6-Job aid

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Announcer: The e-Learning Lingo Podcast.

Mary Kay Lofurno: Good afternoon, and welcome to the sixth episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series. My name is Mary Kay Lofurno. I'm the Marketing Director here at SyberWorks, and I'm your host today.

Last week, Dave Powell, our SyberWorks Documentarian, discussed the concept of minimalism in instructional design. This week he will talk about a term used in e-Learning and performance management, job aid. So I ask you, do you know your e-Learning Lingo?

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Mary Kay: Hi Dave. So tell our audience what is a “job aid”?

Dave Powell: A job aid is really any simple tool that helps workers do their jobs better. Jobaids generally provide quick reference information rather than in-depth training. One example is a flow chart that should be followed when answering customer service calls. Other examples include a list of formulas to compute often used variables or a script about proper etiquette when answering a phone.

Mary Kay: Thanks, Dave.

Dave: My pleasure. Talk to you soon.

Mary Kay: This is Mary Kay Lofurno, Marketing Director at SyberWorks. Thanks for listening to episode six of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast.

This week, Dave Powell defined the meaning of job aid. The episode six podcast audio and transcript will be posted on the e-Learning Lingo Podcast blog. Please feel free to join the discussion by leaving us your comments by phone, web-based voicemail, or blog posting. We look forward to hearing from you.

Next time on the e-Learning Lingo Podcast, we will talk about a term used in e-Learning development and usability. Until that time, have a great week.

Announcer: SyberWorks Podcast. Learn any time, any place.


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