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e-Learning Lingo Podcast #13-Dashboard

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Announcer: The e-Learning Lingo Podcast.

Mary Kay Lofurno: Hello, this is Mary Kay LoFurno, marketing director here at SyberWorks, and welcome to the 13th episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast series.

Last week, Dave Powell defined “ambliopia.” This week, we'll be talking about a term used in both application development and performance management: dashboard. So, I ask you, do you know your e-Learning lingo?

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Mary Kay: Hi, Dave. So, tell our audience, what is a “dashboard?”

Dave Powell: A dashboard is a visual collection of important information, often tailored to a specific role, topic, or point of view, and arranged on a single screen so that it can be reviewed at a glance. Usually, this information contains results data, represented using statistics or metrics.

Mary Kay: Thanks, Dave. Have a good week.

Dave: You’re welcome. Talk with you soon.

Mary Kay: This is Mary Kay LoFurno, marketing director at SyberWorks. Thanks for listening to episode 13 of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast. This week, Dave Powell defined the meaning of “dashboard.”

Episode 13 podcast audio and transcript will be posted on the e-Learning Lingo Podcast blog. Please feel free to leave us your comments by phone, web-based voicemail, or blog posting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Next time on the eLearning Lingo Podcast, we will talk about a term used in instructional design. Until that time, have a great week!

Announcer: SyberWorks Podcast. Learn any time, any place.


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