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Episode 13: Holiday Round-Up '07 (Transcript)

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Announcer: SyberWorks podcast. Learn any time, any place.

Mary Kay Lofurno: Welcome to the SyberWorks LMS e-Learning Implementation Podcast Series, where we look at real world learning management implementations and e-Learning program rollouts.

SyberWorks specializes in custom e-Learning solutions, learning management systems, and e-Learning development for corporations, governments, and non-profit institutions. My name is Mary Kay Lofurno, and I'm the Marketing Director here at SyberWorks, and your host.

We have had a very good year, and looked at how learning management systems and e-Learning programs have been implemented across many different industries. We've looked at e-Learning programs used to train individuals in the building trades, the health insurance industry, and software and voiceover IP telephony switching technologies industries.

We had a great podcast interview with a training professional from a financial aid office at a major U.S. university that's using e-Learning to train their employees. We also had a podcast on 21 CFR-compliant LMS implementation in the medical manufacturing industry. We had a great podcast on a company in the insurance claims processing industry that uses e-Learning to train their personnel. We also had a podcast working with a company that is in the motor vehicle lien and title processing industry that's using e-Learning for their vendors and customer support.

And then finally, we had a non-profit organization that provides grief support training for professionals working with children, that also uses e-Learning to train those professionals.

So you can see that we've had a pretty good year here and we've covered a variety of topics across many different industries. You can find these podcasts and their accompanying transcripts in the media center on the SyberWorks website.

This is Mary Kay Lofurno, Marketing Director here at SyberWorks. We want to thank you for listening to our LMS e-Learning Implementation Podcast Series, and wish you a happy holiday and a safe new year.

Talk with you next year!


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