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Validation: the process of determining the extent to which competencies and performance statements are supported by the profession.

Validity: the degree to which items measure what they are intended to measure, or deliver what they are intended to deliver.

Value Clarification Discussion: developing values using open-ended questions that have no single correct answer.

Value-Added Services: in the e-Learning industry, these may include custom training needs assessments, skill-gap analyses, curriculum design and development, pre- and post-training mentoring and support, training effectiveness analyses, reporting and tracking tools, advisor services, implementation consulting, hosting and management of Internet/intranet learning systems, integration of enterprise training systems, and other services.

Value Proposition: a statement explaining why a consumer should want to buy or use a company's products or services.

Vector Graphic: an image created from mathematical formulas, rather than from arrays of dots or pixels. Vector graphics are resolution independent and can be scaled without a reduction in quality. Several graphics applications support vector graphics including Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Flash, and others.

Venn Diagram: a diagram that uses the positions and overlaps between circles to represent the relations between concepts or groups of items.

Video Conferencing: live video and audio communication used to link participants at different locations.

Virtual Classroom: an online learning space where students and instructors interact.

Virtual Community: an online community where people share common interests via blogs, e-mails, instant messages and chat rooms.

Virtual: a condition or environment created, simulated or maintained by a computer or computer network.

Virus Detection Program: software designed to detect, diagnose and destroy computer viruses.

Virus: a destructive type of computer program that attempts to disrupt normal computer operations, rewrite or delete information from storage devices, or physically damage the system.

Visual Aids: any graphical aids used in presentations to clarify or improve the material presented.

Visual Memory: a memory technique in which a teacher displays a picture quickly, then asks students to describe as much as they can of what they saw.

Visuals: graphics or teaching materials that pictorially describe ideas or convey meanings, including items such as overhead transparencies, blackboard writing and screen graphics.

Vocabulary Self Collection Strategy (VSS): students nominate words they'd like to learn more about as a class.

VoD (Video on Demand): See "COD."

Voice Input: software that recognizes voice commands and responds accordingly.

Voice Output: computer programs that read screen content out loud.

Voice Recognition Software: software that can be trained to recognize a person's voice, execute their commands, and translate their voice into text or other useful media (such as, sign language or brail for the deaf).

VoiceXML: a type of XML that allows users to interact with a webpage using voice recognition software.

VoIP (Voice Over IP): a technology for transmitting voices digitally using the Internet Protocol, and which can avoid the normal telephone fees charged by carriers.

Vortal: stands for Vertical Portal, an industry-specific website that provides news, articles and services to a specific audience.

VPN (Virtual Private Network): a network that combines the security of a private network with the economies-of-scale and built-in management capabilities of public networks.

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