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Habits of Mind: focuses on the notion that students can learn more effectively if they regulate their own thought processes.

Hands-On: any instructional activity where students work with tangible objects relevant to the training content.

Hard Disk: a computer's main non-RAM data storage, which is usually housed in the computer's Central Processing Unit (CPU). A rotating magnetic disk that holds more data (and can be read faster) than floppy disks, and usually also holds more data than the computer's internal Random-Access Memory (RAM).

Hard Drive: high-capacity computer storage on one or more rotating magnetic disks.

Head Pointer: a device attached to the user's head that enables them to move a pointer on the screen.

Heuristic: an educated guess made to reduce the amount of time needed to solve a problem. Also known as a rule of thumb or guideline.

Hierarchical Analysis: a system used to identify important secondary skills that are needed to achieve an objective, and how each skill relates to the others. For each subordinate skill in the analysis, the instructor should ask "What must the student know how to do, to learn the specific sub-skills being considered?"

Hierarchy: a form of classification that both ranks and connects a group of concepts or objects.

Higher Order Thinking Skills: any thinking that goes beyond remembering basic facts. Two important reasons to improve higher-order thinking skills are 1) to enable students to apply facts to solve real world problems and 2) to improve the retention of information.

Highlighting: emphasizing key concepts (usually within text) by marking them with a fluorescent marker as a way to easily reference them at a later date. Some word processors also allow similar highlighting within text files.

Holistic Instruction: a form of teaching that uses long-term (or "authentic") problems and activities that are multi-faceted.

Home Page: the opening page or main document that appears when you visit a web site, which also contains the site's key links to related content. Home Pages are accessed using a World Wide Web address (URL) and are maintained by a person, organization, or group.

Homebound Instruction: a teacher travels to students who are unable to attend school.

Homework: work assigned by instructors, to be done outside the classroom to reinforce material covered in class.

Host: a computer system connected to a network that distributes and receives information from other computers.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): a markup language that structures text and images for viewing on the World Wide Web.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): an Internet application protocol that governs how information is transmitted on the World Wide Web.

Hub: a device that connects multiple communication lines or types of equipment (for example, Ethernet or USB hubs).

Human Resource Development (HRD): a term coined by Leonard Nadler to describe organized learning experiences (such as training, education and development) that employers offer within specific timeframes, to improve employee performance or personal growth.

Humor: a way to motivate students and build community spirit in the classroom.

Hypermedia: a computer-based information-retrieval system that gives users access to a variety of electronic media, including audio, video and graphics.

Hypertext: a system for retrieving information from Internet "servers" using PC-based "client" software. Hypertext includes highlighted text in web pages that links viewers to related information.

Hypothesis: a tentative explanation for patterns or observations, which can be tested through further observations.

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