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SyberWorks e-Learning Podcast Transcript #19 Ten Tips for Using Graphics in e-Learning (Transcript)

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Announcer: SyberWorks Podcast. Learn any time, any place.

Mary Kay Lofurno: Welcome to the next edition of the SyberWorks e-Learning podcast series. My name is Mary Kay Lofurno and I am the Marketing Director here at SyberWorks and your host today. SyberWorks specializes in custom e-Learning solutions, learning management systems, and custom e-Learning development for corporations, governments, and non-profits.

In this edition, we are talking with Al Lemieux, Senior Designer here at SyberWorks. Al recently wrote an article, “Ten Tips for Using Graphics in e-Learning”. And, I thought we might get some tips from him on the subject.


Mary Kay: Hi, Al! How have you been?

Al Lemieux: Great, Mary Kay, how are you?

Mary Kay: I am doing great. All right, let's get to it. I am sure that most of us are thinking, “Of course you use graphics in e-Learning. How hard could that be? Just pick an image or a picture that is appropriate and put it in there.” But after reading your article it seems like it is a lot more than that.

Al: Yeah, some people think that it is OK to just pick whatever and just throw it in there. Just to kind of 'beef up' a course. But, really, the article talks a lot about how to be selective in terms of choosing appropriate imagery. How the imagery flows with the rest of the course. The importance in the weight of those images. So there is a lot in the article that talks about selecting the right type of images. And using the right type of imagery, for a specific purpose, within a course.

Mary Kay: OK. Well, that sounds great. All right, let's talk about some of those tips you mentioned in your article. Give us the highlights or the important things to consider, in terms of size, when graphics are used e-Learning.

Al: Well, in terms of size, you want to have the best performance for your course. And, therefore, you're going to make sure that all of your graphics are compressed. The article talks about the different types of compression schemes that are available. And what type of images should be compressed and the specific ways.

So, there is a lot of tips in there about which packages to use. And what type of programs that you should use. And what type of compression schemes that should be appropriate for each type of image.

Mary Kay: OK, that sounds good. What about hierarchy when it comes to graphics in e-Learning?

Al: Hierarchy is in terms of the importance of an image in relationship to the rest of the course. Sometimes you may have multiple images on the page. But, one of those images may be more important than another. Like let's say for example, a figure that is explaining something within a particular lesson. Or you may have a chart that needs to be more important than the rest of the graphics.

So, hierarchy determines the importance of those particular graphics as they appear on the page.

Mary Kay: OK, sounds good. And you touched on this a little, but one of your tips, you mentioned 'appropriate imagery'. Could you go a little deeper into that?

Al: Yeah, another thing the article talks about is where you can find images. A lot of people now, with the introduction of images on Google and some of the other places where you can find images, like Flickr. They are just finding any type of imagery, anywhere, and using those. And sometimes that is appropriate and sometimes it is not. And we talk a little bit about copyright protection in the article as well.

Mary Kay: OK, that all sounds great. Well, Al, this sounds like really great information. But, I am going to stop here, because I know you want people to read your article. Al's original article can be found in the SyberWorks media center on the SyberWorks website. Al, is there anything else you would like to share, with our listeners, about our topic today? Before we close out our time together.

Al: Well, the article is a bevy of information so definitely download it and take a peek.

Mary Kay: OK, sounds great. Good to see you!

Al: Great! Thanks a lot, Mary Kay.

Mary Kay: Thank for listening to our podcast today on tips for using graphics in e-Learning, with Al Lemieux, Senior Designer here at SyberWorks, on our e-Learning Podcast series. Have a great day.


Announcer: SyberWorks Podcast. Learn anytime, anyplace.

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