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Why safety training is essential

Employees need training to safely perform their jobs.

Employees need training to safely perform their jobs.

The importance of health and safety compliance training in the workplace should not be understated, as a lack of training can lead to a workplace that is out of compliance with regulations, and possibly result in hazardous working conditions for employees. This is why the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has guidelines in place to require certain types of training.

In fact, some OSHA guidelines even limit duties from being performed by employees who have not received previous training. It is up to the employer to know what standards should be in place, and provide the programs necessary to implement them. However, not all employers take this responsibility, and the resulting damage can be serious.

As OSHA details on its website, research has shown that new workers may be more prone to experience accidents. According to OSHA, "If ignorance of specific job hazards and of proper work practices is even partly to blame for this higher injury rate, then training will help to provide a solution."

A company that manufactures hummus was cited by OSHA for 18 violations when it was found to have disregarded the required training procedures that are put in place to make sure equipment is operated safely, the Boston Globe reported. For this company, failure to adequately train employees resulted in the death of a worker that had been at the company for six months. The employee was unaware of an important safety procedure involving operating the equipment.

The good news is that training can lead to safer working conditions. Organizations looking for a solution to meet their training needs can turn to a learning management system as a scalable way to deliver the skills necessary for employees to perform their jobs safely and correctly. 

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