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Why companies should provide training to their temporary employees

Companies must provide training and protection to their temporary workers.

Companies must provide training and protection to their temporary workers.

OSHA has been increasing its calls for training and protection for temporary workers. Last year in April, OSHA launched the Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI), seeking to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses among temporary workers and reinforce to employers their duty to protect workers from possible hazards. Most recently, in a July 15 memo to regional OSHA administrators, the Agency again emphasized the importance of employer responsibilities. 

This comes on the heels of news that temporary workers have been suffering a higher rate of work-related injuries.

OSHA speaks to this increase: "In recent months, OSHA has received and investigated many reports of temporary workers suffering serious or fatal injuries, some in their first days on the job. Numerous studies have shown that new workers are at greatly increased risk for work-related injury, and most temporary workers will be 'new' workers multiple times a year."

The memo emphasized that temporary workers should be granted the same OSHA protections as other workers. OSHA explains that the staffing agency and employer need to coordinate responsibilities to ensure that OSHA requirements are being fulfilled. Moreover, the memo specifies that OSHA compliance officers should be reviewing contracts between the recruiting agency and host employer to confirm that they meet employee safety and health standards. 

That the employer must meet certain responsibilities does not exempt the staffing agency, who continues to bare responsibility, affirms OSHA. It states: "Staffing agencies must ensure they are not sending workers to workplaces with hazards from which they are not protected or on which they have not been trained."

One major takeaway for companies is the importance of centralizing training resources through an LMS platform. This allows temporary workers and other employees to access materials readily, including through smart phones and tablets. Such a program also can cut costs for businesses. 

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