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Training may have been able to prevent 2012 chemical spill

A 2012 train derailment caused a dangerous chemical spill.

A 2012 train derailment caused a dangerous chemical spill.

The value and benefits of training are often discussed on this blog, with an emphasis on the fact that adequate training helps companies not only operate more successfully and efficiently, but also stay safe and compliant. For industries that frequently receive inspections from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the importance of having a trained workforce cannot be understated, as receiving OSHA violations can be costly financially and reputation-wise.

When employees are not well-trained, the door may open for an accident to occur that may affect not only workers, but customers and the public as well. It was recently reported by Reuters that inadequate training was cited as the reason behind the derailment of a New Jersey Conrail train in 2012.

The article details that in November of 2012, the train, which was carrying toxic materials, caused a spill when it derailed. This put the public in danger and even led to sickness among residents located nearby. 

The conductor operating the train did not know how to properly inspect locks. Conrail said it trained employees on the job but the conductor in charge had not received the training necessary to do the inspection. As a result of the spill, people were hospitalized due to exposure to the highly toxic chemical vinyl chloride. Companies that properly train employees may be able to prevent accidents like this from occurring. 

With training, companies can become safer and more efficient. A learning management system is a comprehensive solution that provides a flexible, scalable way for your business to meet its training goals, while staying within budget. 

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