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Should your business implement gamification?

How can your workforce enhance training and development?

How can your workforce enhance training and development?

Could a game-like experience actually be the boost businesses need to make a great change? Some experts believe it is. Although gamification isn't all about gaming, its elements are similar enough to attract employees without making employers feel as if their process isn't professional enough. 

As more than half the working population continue to feel disengaged from their jobs, consider gamification as a change that can spur achievement, create a sense of community and develop healthy competition.

According to a recent NPR report, many companies are implementing "brain games" to test potential candidates' risk tolerance and other traits that help determine how they will perform in certain jobs. 

Keep the following three benefits in mind while deciding to try something new:

  • Engagement: The cost of employee turnover continues to increase, with ADP estimates putting the total at over $2,000 per employee. Large amounts of employee turnover not only cost a company in terms of employees that leave, but employees that stay as well. A business with a revolving door indicates issues deeper than the surface level that must be addressed. Engage employees with a different kind of work experience infused with game-like learning. 
  • HR compliance: Human resources training can be a tricky road to navigate and boring if not executed correctly. HR departments should consider rethinking their training and outreach process to ensure employees learn the information they need to know. Creating a training experience that combines actual learning with an innovative, interesting manner of explaining information enables both the workforce and employers to see tangible results. Training such as safety standards, compliance regulation and identifying harassment are important, as are the way in which they are taught.
  • Training: New hiring training can become a long, drawn-out process, but it doesn't have to be. Engage employees from the moment they start with an easy-to-use, fun learning experience. Engage employee development with a risk-free training environment, one that enables new hires to learn the ins and outs of a job without the stress that may accompany a real-life experience. 

Although gamification is a great initiative to take on, it's important to remember it is not the only manner in which an employee should learn. Not everyone within the same business learns the same, and in this, shouldn't be expected to. A combination of gamification with other learning practices will create a well-rounded, inclusive learning environment for employees. 

Gamification should be an option, but it should never be mandatory.

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