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OSHA cites Florida-based GP Roofing & Construction and Archer Exteriors for serious fall hazards

Florida-based GP Roofing & Construction failed to have workers properly use extension ladders.

Florida-based GP Roofing & Construction failed to have workers properly use extension ladders.

As we have discussed in previous articles, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been increasing its monitoring of the construction industry. OSHA has recently cited GP Roofing & Construction LLC and Archer Exteriors Inc. for 12 safety violations, including exposing workers to fall hazards at two work sites — one in the Whisper Dunes subdivision of Panama City Beach and the other at a site in The Davenport subdivision of Panama City.

Archer Exteriors, based in Pensacola, had subcontracted with Palm Coast-based GP Roofing & Construction for work at the three job sites. In March 2014, OSHA began is inspections of the sites as part of its program seeking to prevent falls on construction work-sites.

OSHA's proposed fines for GP Roofing & Construction LLC and Archer Exteriors Inc. are high, totaling $355,300.

Part of the reason for the high fines is that some of the citations were willful, which involves a company that flouts safety regulations in spite of their knowledge that this exposes workers to serious, potentially fatal injuries. 

Brian Sturtecky, OSHA's area director in Jacksonville spoke of the recent violations: "The employer knowingly continues to put workers' lives at risk of serious injury or death by not ensuring proper safety measures are implemented to protect employees from dangerous falls at all work sites." He further added: "Although safety harnesses and ropes were available at the Panama City site, management decided not to use the fall protection because they didn't have tie-down brackets."

OSHA's three willful safety violations of GP Roofing & Construction involve $210,000 in penalties. The employer lacked fall protection systems, which exposed workers to falls ranging from 9 to 11 feet at its three job sites. 

OSHA also handed the company four repeat violations and $108,900 in attendant penalties. These entailed not providing eye and face protection at two work sites, while still allowing workers to use powered nail guns—and were repeat violations from 2012.

In addition, GP Roofing & Construction received three serious violations, amounting to $21,000. These included failure to use extension ladders and not training employees in their proper use at two work sites. As OSHA explains, employees should face the ladder when descending the roof.

The general contractor, Archer Exteriors, was also cited for one repeat violation at a penalty of $15,400. The contractor allowed GP Roofing & Construction employees to work at heights of 10 feet without any fall protection systems in place—a repeat violation from 2011. 

As usual, the companies both have 15 days to comply with OSHA's penalties, or request a conference with OSHA's area director. The other option is to contest the findings with the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission, an independent group.

The recent citations serve as a reminder of the importance of employee training and safety compliance. This is important for the construction industry, where workers regularly face considerable safety risks and hazards. A learning management system can help companies improve their safety and compliance.

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