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Is unlimited vacation time the next big thing?

Keep team collaboration and development in mind within your business.

Keep team collaboration and development in mind within your business.

How important is time off when it comes to employment? According to a recent study conducted by The Creative Group, pretty important if it's in relation to employee development and productivity.

The study found that almost 40 percent of polled advertising and marketing executives interviewed believe office output would increase if employees could take an unlimited number of vacations. Their ability to do so would be contingent on ensuring all their work was completed and overall performance didn't suffer.

"The idea of unlimited vacation time can be attractive and help staff feel more in control of their schedules," said Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group. 

Despite the idea that businesses would be offering more liberal vacations, 72 percent of executives and 56 percent of workers said the amount of vacation they take would would remain the same. 

If a vacation policy did change, 15 percent of executives and 18 percent of workers said productivity would increase. 24 percent of executives and 21 percent of workers said it would increase somewhat.

What other factors can affect employee development and productivity? Keep the following four tips in mind to enhance development in your business:

  • Ensure growth barriers are removed: A business can implement many changes in terms of development, but leaving barriers to change and growth will only stunt the process. Make sure cross-functional and departmental growth is possible. Employees should be encouraged to network both horizontally and vertically. Collaboration with each other is the first step to strengthening bonds and spurring creativity.
  • Give constructive feedback: Feedback is not synonymous with criticizing. Feedback should have a goal, should be constructive and further the development of an employee. Set up meetings with employees regularly to ensure work processes run smoothly and are understood. Only holding meetings once or twice a year will prolong the growth process, as well as impede it.
  • Have an individual plan: Sit down with each employee and create a personal development plan. Create weekly and monthly goals that should be met, as well as year-long ones too. It's important to keep realistic timeframes as well as measurable goals in mind when creating these goals. 
  • Make resources known and available: Not every job task will be easy to complete or manage for every employee. Ensure workers have the help they need from leadership and management. Provide additional resources such as trainings and business workshops as well.

Business development begins with one step from leadership. Take charge of your employee development today.

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