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Investing in employee training can help firms combat cyber security risks: Part 2

Combat your risk of cyber attacks with these three employee training tips.

Combat your risk of cyber attacks with these three employee training tips.

Recently, on this blog, we discussed a report that found that employee training is vital to reducing your firm's cyber security risks. The study was conducted by Pittsburgh-based Wombat Security Technologies and Boston research firm the Aberdeen Group. They discovered that increasing your business's investment in employee training reduced your organization's risk of a cyber security attack by as much as 70 percent. Wombat President and CEO Joe Ferrara, in turn, encouraged companies to make employee training one of their primary investments.

Here are three employee training tips that can help your firm reduce its cyber security risk:

  • Make sure employees understand phishing scams, and how to avoid them: Phishing scams can appear in your email inbox, disguised as legitimate emails from co-workers. However, it's important to confirm messages are valid before opening them, by making sure the sender is someone you know and have received email from in the past, that this was a message you were expecting and that it does not contain any unusual spellings or characters.
  • Have a strong password policy: One of your best defenses against cyber security risks is having a strong password policy in place. Instruct your employees to create passwords with at least 8 characters, including numbers, as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. 
  • Outline your BYOD policies: Decide which employees are eligible for your BYOD policy and whether there will be restrictions on devices, data or apps. Your organization may also want to consider making management approval a necessary condition.

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