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How to conduct a year-end review of your training program’s performance

Be better prepared for 2015 by reviewing your current training programs now.

Be better prepared for 2015 by reviewing your current training programs now.

With the new year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to review the effectiveness of your organization's current training program. Likely, your organization took the time initially to select its current training method. Performing regular assessments of these methods is just as important. You want to make sure that you're prepared to meet your business goals in 2015, and the right training program is a necessary tool in this endeavor.

Your training programs need to evolve with the needs of your business. Moreover, as Wells explains, with the rapid change in technologies and the skills "required to drive organizational success today," it's become increasingly important to regularly review your solutions. In a recent article in Learning Solutions Magazine, Donna Wells offers tips for conducting a successful year-end review

Wells suggests the following seven-point checklist for your training programs:

  • Identify areas of improvement based on what you have noticed and feedback you have received from trainees and executives.
  • Determine whether you can attribute improved business performance to training programs. Will training help you meet your future business needs?
  • How often are you updating course materials? "Is your turn-around time on new materials aligned with the organization's pace of business?" Wells says. "If not, is that due to your existing content-authoring tools, or your process for capturing SME input, or both?"
  • Were you able to expand your training to grow with your organization's needs, and at a reasonable cost? Identify which higher-cost programs you want to transition to online delivery or blended learning. 
  • Are you able to provide a consistent training experience for your employees? A learning management system can help facilitate a consistent learning experience, allowing all of your employees to have access to the same high-quality resources. 
  • Do your training programs address the different needs of your audience? For instance, if you added new channels or customer segments this year, did you include that in your training programs?
  • Are you currently providing mobile training? Do your employees have access to these courses at their convenience and on the devices they prefer? Identify the ways in which you can improve accessibility. 

Following this seven-step process will allow you to identify the areas your training program is performing well, while isolating areas for improvement. In our next piece, we'll offer more advice about conducting a year-end review.

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