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How learning management systems and development can improve engagement

Learning management systems and learning and development can improve employee engagement.

How to improve employee engagement is a common topic of discussion for organizations. The Human Capital Institute defines employee engagement as "the degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization that strongly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work." Moreover, employee engagement is often a factor in determining whether a company has a strong retention rate, or conversely, has a high degree of turnover.

Not only are engaged employees often more productive, they are also more likely to stay at your organization. Learning and development improve engagement, and can thereby can also improve retention. 

Here are three ways learning management systems improve engagement and retention.

In general, engaged employees tend to have good relationships with their managers and direct supervisors.

One of the main factors affecting employee engagement is the strength of the relationship with supervisors. Accordingly, it is important that your organization invests in a new supervisor training program. Leadership and soft-skill training is just as important as hard skills, particularly when you realize it has a direct impact on retention rates. Through helping your managers become better leaders, you help strengthen your overall organization, creating the conditions necessary for more enthusiastic employees.

Engaged employees have an understanding of the part and the whole—in short, they understand how their work affects the overall goals of the organization.

Learning management systems offer opportunities to reaffirm your organization's strategy. Whether online or in-person, you can use classes to to emphasize your main goals.

Offering opportunities for career growth and development drive employee engagement.

If employees don't believe there is a viable path for career advancement or don't see how they are growing in their current positions, they are more likely to leave. Learning management systems offer employees the ability to tailor their own career paths. For example, you can offer career development resources within your LMS as well as hold in-person training sessions for employees to build their skills. Often, a blended approach, which combines on-line and in-person training, works best ,as it can accommodate different learning styles.

If engagement is one of your organization's principle goals, you may want to track it year-on-year. Supervisor training and offering opportunities for career development are both ways you can boost employee engagement. You may want someone in your HR department to be in charge of engagement metrics. At the same time, you want to make sure your efforts at engagement are integrated. Therefore, you need to get everyone on board, discussing how to correlate training programs. Taking these steps helps you make significant progress toward optimizing your organization's performance.

Learning management systems can improve your training and employee engagement. They can also help strengthen your workplace safety and compliance.

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