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How a schedule simulator helps your organization

SyberWork's Training Simulator helps your organization in many ways.

The task of coordinating training can be time consuming and sometimes overwhelming. When you try to factor in different locations, team teaching and differing levels of competency, the task seems insurmountable. In addition, you may find yourself spending more time organizing these sessions than actually developing course material— a definite sign that your organization needs a new solution. 

SyberWorks​' Schedule Simulator represents a solution that is both effective and eases the burden on your administrators. The Schedule Simulator helps companies and organizations implement large training rollout programs that must take place over fixed periods of time, such as an SAP rollout or an organization-wide safety training program that needs to be completed in three months. 

  • What are some of the Schedule Simulator's capabilities? The Simulator can juggle thousands of constraints: shift detail, wage vs. salaried employee status, travel time between classes, multiple sessions in the same week, students taking training only on their shift, instructors not taking or teaching classes for more than 8 hours and classroom capacities—and this list is not even exhaustive. In addition, the application is highly scalable and customizable, as it can be configured to your specific organizational constraints and requirements.
  • How exactly does the Simulator work? The application outputs suggested schedules, which a training or rollout manager can evaluate, fine-tune, and rerun. Once an optimal schedule is achieved, the SyberWorks Training Center Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System (LMS/LCMS) is completely updated, scheduling all classes, instructors, classrooms, teaching materials, etc., and sending training-notification emails to every administrator, instructor, and student who is participating in the rollout.

To learn more about SyberWorks services or to schedule a product demonstration, please call us at 888-642-7078, email us at info@syberworks.com or register on our site.

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