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Forming your LMS implementation team

Forming an LMS implementation team will make the process go more smoothly.

Forming an LMS implementation team will make the process go more smoothly.

Whether you're implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organization for the first time, or simply changing your current provider, you will need a team of dedicated staff to assist with the process. It is important that everyone who is a part of the implementation group have an understanding of the organization's educational goals. 

The number of individuals who should be on the team will depend on the number of employees in your organization, but it will need to include the following main roles: 

  • IT leader – If your organization will be hosting the new LMS on-site, the IT leader will be responsible for migrating the program into the company's current technological system. This team member will also need to ensure that the LMS integrates with the current HR and security systems. 
  • LMS technology specialist – When migrating course content from one system to another, it is important that all information is preserved. The technology specialist will manage this content and assess if various components of the LMS are appropriate for all of the coursework. 
  • Project manager – The project manager will take an administrative role of keeping track of the completion various task and ensuring that they are done by or before the due date. LMS implementation is very complicated and involves many components, so it is essential that the person with this job is organized.
  • Team leader - This member of your staff will be the main contact with the LMS vendor. He or she has the responsibility of keeping the projects moving forward and working with team members to make plans and solve problems. 
  • Training administrator - The key job of the training administrator is to decide how the LMS should be configured to best accomplish an organization's goals. He or she will also set-up and catalog user profiles and also administer the program's certification and compliance. 

In addition to the core team members above, you may want to consider adding the following support roles: 

  • eLearning authors and instructional designers
  • Database administrator
  • IT production support
  • Network administrator
  • Training registrars. 

These support team members will work as extensions of the core members of the group. They should have some experience with eLearning programs. Involving the extended team will also give more staff to test out the new system before it goes live. It never hurts to have extra pairs of eyes when making major changes to a company's technological infrastructure. 

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