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Employee development is a vital component in combating workplace stress

Employee stress affects productivity and overall work output.

Employee stress affects productivity and overall work output.

How stressed are global workers today? 

According to a recent Forbes study, the true number and causes of stress are much higher than many may think. Based on a global study involving over 2,300 individuals, about one quarter of the overall workforce is overwhelmed.

The study found that:

  • Employees that noted they were overwhelmed were on average two years younger than those who didn't feel overwhelmed. 
  • There is no real difference in relation to gender and stress.
  • The areas in which workers felt the most stress included manufacturing, research and development, information technology and marketing.

Supervisors and leadership teams are feeling the brunt of the stress. Often, the transition between being responsible for yourself to yourself and a host of workers is a hard change for some to make. Some struggle with having their performance displayed on public platforms where they are vulnerable to criticism.

Chronic stress can have serious health effects in addition to creating an adverse work environment. 

A common theme seen throughout this study was a lack of coping skills and employee training for new roles and obligations. After a promotion, basic training skills should be instilled in workers, as their jobs have changed, so have their roles and expectations. 

As supervisors are promoted, they soon become responsible for their own issues as well as the issues of their team. Creating regular training sessions to handle these new problems and reinforcing a sense of confidence in new leadership can go a long way. 

Keep the workload in mind, decide what tasks are most important and delegate from there. The success of a company comes from its workers, and stress is one of the most detrimental factors when it comes to success.

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