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Effective employee training programs have a ripple effect on your entire organization

Make sure to align your training programs with your company's goals and those of your employees.

Make sure to align your training programs with your company's goals and those of your employees.

Most organizations are always looking for ways to improve the success of their employee training programs. Hcareers discusses this subject in a recent article. One of its main points is for businesses to align their employee training programs with their company's goals and choose participants whose job performance will be most enhanced by this new information.

Have your employee training align with your company's goals

Oliver Tian, a learning strategies expert, claims that the best indicator of effective training is whether it addresses company's needs. When organizations are trying to assess their programs, they should ask the following questions, which will help them determine the effectiveness or their current training methods and design effective programs for the future:

  • Did the content of the training program directly address your company's needs?
  • Did the training establish a specific goal and achieve it?
  • Are your employees now using what they learned?
  • Is their application of the new knowledge improving the way things are done in your company?

Effective employee training has a positive ripple effect on your entire organization

In 2007, Hotel Monticello, located in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., increased their employee training budget. The General Manager of the boutique hotel, Rob Suter, emphasized that the benefits of improving training extend from the individual to the whole organization:

"It eases the burden on management when employees can alleviate situations immediately before they boil over," says Suter. "From a guest complaint to a problem with a room – whatever the situation is, when employees can resolve issues, it reduces stress for everyone."

When employees are more efficient and less stressed, they're able to perform their jobs better, which results in more satisfied customers. 

A study by Steven W. Schmidt examined the relationship between employer-provided training and employee job satisfaction. It found that in jobs with a high level of face-to-face interaction with customers, employees often value training for its ability to improve customer satisfaction. 

The study also found that employees considered training opportunities as an incentive to stay with an employer. 

Some studies have suggested that employee training programs can help increase your organization's retention rate by as much as 70 percent. Considering the amount of money and resources that go into training a new hire, employee training can have a measurable positive impact on your bottom line.

Training is also said to improve employee efficiency and productivity by wide margins (as much as 230 percent). At the same time, it keeps employees on top of their industry, technology and new trends, all of which are crucial to a superior job performance, Hcareers says.

As the source affirms, employee training has a wide-range of applications, "from enhanced performance and increased job satisfaction, to strengthened problem-solving skills and alleviated stress, and ultimately to customer satisfaction. It's almost impossible to count the numerous ways that employee training benefits the entire organization."

A learning management system can help companies improve their training. Through SyberWorks' learning management center, you can manage, measure and improve all your training activities to make them more effective and efficient.

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