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Social media is a distraction in the workplace.

Social media is a distraction in the workplace.

As we have talked about previously on this blog, training is crucial to maintain a safe and compliant workplace, and the failure to provide it can lead to serious consequences. But these are not the only major concerns for employers. Employee productivity is an important aspect of any workplace. It is necessary for workers to be able to efficiently do their jobs, but sometimes distractions get in the way and prevent this from happening.

For many employers, social media impacts productivity within their organization. With workers bringing personal smart phones on the job, it is easier than ever to become distracted and less productive.

Social media sites are distractions that have become problematic, with 70 percent of employers having to enact disciplinary measures to combat the problem, according to research from the Proskauer law firm, as reported by Business Management Daily. Beyond being a distraction, some employees may use social media to harm the business or harass coworkers. 

"This year, we found a marked increase in the number of businesses that have implemented social media policies and other measures to address the risks arising out of social media misuse by their employees," Daniel Ornstein of Proskauer told Business Management Daily.

The article went on to detail measures that employers can take to make sure social media activities are not harming their business. Notably, employee training was included among the suggestions. In fact, out of the employers surveyed by Proskauer, only 38 percent were found to have provided training about the issue.

Organizations experiencing this issue can take steps to improve it by making sure all employees are aware of company social media use policies. E-learning courses make it easy for employers to provide comprehensive training covering policies that impact every aspect of business. 

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