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Advice for training recent graduates

Businesses will need the right training programs for college graduates.

Businesses will need the right training programs for college graduates.

The winter semester at universities is right around the corner, and analysts are predicting a strong hiring climate for the class of 2015. This all spells good news for graduates. However, it is also necessary that businesses have the right programs in place to train new graduates. According to a recent report by Aberdeen Group, 47 of companies cited employee skills gap as their top strategic priority.

Organizations are also concerned that recent college hires aren't always equipped with the skills required to make an immediate impact at their workplaces. Forty percent of businesses said to Aberdeen that their college hires will need both coaching and training to be as effective as possible. Moreover, 29 percent of organizations indicated that they are expecting to devote significant resources to these tasks.

Yet, currently only 19 percent of organizations have learning programs in place for recent college hires. Many of them, though, have taken the right step in adopting learning technologies that appeal to this generation of mobile learners. 

Top performing organizations are 54 percent more likely than their counterparts to use mobile learning technology and 51 percent more likely to use social learning tools. Furthermore, they provide access to self-service learning opportunities at a higher rate—something which appeals to younger workers.

Given that college graduates do not always have the necessary workplace skills, it's important that organizations take the steps to assist them. Learning management systems can help businesses with their training as well as compliance.

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