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5 ways to improve talent development

Are your new leaders measuring up to their previous management?

Are your new leaders measuring up to their previous management?

Talent development can make or break a business. As new hires are welcomed into a business and older employees move up in the ranks, talent acquisition and management become more important. Investing in the development of employees strengthens a business, as well as secures its future ventures and success. 

Keep the following five tips in mind while developing or improving employee talent succession.

  • Create a mentorship program: Hire employees that are not only willing to learn, but are capable of passing along their skills too. Implementing a mentorship program into a business creates a sense of communication and collaboration that cannot be matched by other changes. It also strengthens bonds between workers, which can enhance overall work experiences and speed up work processes as a whole. 
  • Encourage unique views and opinions: Company culture is a vital part of talent development. Management leaders should hire employees that have differing world views and opinions, which will translate into a more varied workforce. A range of cultures and ideas will only strengthen thought processes and overall development.
  • Facilitate learning: Offer training sessions and courses where employees can expand their range of knowledge. This will make employees more valuable to the business as time goes on, and enhance their skill level in general. When employees work in an environment that encourages learning, they are more likely to thrive and want to remain within the business. As employees learn new skills they are also able to pass on this information, which will bolster the work process. 
  • Set the structure on Day 1: Employee development begins the day a worker begins. An effective employee orientation program should be structured in phases that allow workers to learn at their own speed while reinforcing the ideas at the same time. Employee learning should never end when orientation does, but rather it should be a continuing experience. Redundancy may seem annoying to some, but it continues to be one of the only ways information is learned and remembered best. 
  • Start with the top: Talent succession begins with the current management. If its succession process wasn't as great as it could have been, now is the time to make improvements and changes. Take a look at how leadership works together, what  its struggles are and how it operates as a cohesive unit to determine where changes can be made in the future. Measuring its success is a vital piece of the process.

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