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5 ways to find successful management successors

Management and leadership qualities will set the tone of your workplace.

Management and leadership qualities will set the tone of your workplace.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 4 million baby boomers will retire in 2015. Recent surveys indicate that businesses are struggling to fill these gaps in management ranks.

60 percent of respondents said succession planning has become an organizational challenge. In addition, 31 percent of respondents of another survey stated they didn't want to become a CEO or other top management member in their careers, or were ambivalent to the idea. 

How can your company spot employees that are capable and desire to move up in the ranks? Keep these five signs in mind during your next workday, board meeting or monthly check-in. 

  • Commitment to getting the job done: Look for employees that are willing to go the extra mile. They may stay late one night to finish a report or offer to help others if they are struggling. 
  • Creativity: Leaders don't have the answer to everything, but they are expected to. Ensure your successor can think outside the box if necessary or encourage others to do so when a deadline hits and an issue arises. 
  • Excellent communication skills: Open channels of communication must be kept at all times between leaders and their employees. It creates a sense of understanding and welcomes feedback for change or collaboration.
  • Inspirational to fellow employees: Not every workday will be great, but a leader can help set the tone for the rest of it simply by leading as an example. Encourage workers to believe in themselves and company goals.
  • Positivity even in stressful situations: Stressful situations will occur, but how they are handled can be changed at any time. A positive, "can-do" attitude should always be offered by those in leadership positions.

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