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4 ways to increase respect in the workplace

Respect in the workplace creates a happier, more productive setting.

Respect in the workplace creates a happier, more productive setting.

The benefits of maintaining a respectful workplace are endless. Mutual respect of employees supports a diverse workplace, strengthens employee relationships and reduces work-related stress. In turn, these increase productivity, which creates a better professional environment overall.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, half of the 20,000 employees polled said they didn't feel as if they were respected by their boss. 

Respect is crucial in an office environment. The study concluded that:

  • 56 percent had better health and well-being
  • 1.72 times more trust in the business itself 
  • 89 percent reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with their jobs
  • 92 percent had greater focus and ability to prioritize tasks 

In addition, employees that feel as if they are respected are more likely to stay within a business, decreasing the amount of turnover and great costs that accompany it. 55 percent of employees also reported they were more engaged within organizations with higher levels of respect. 

Maintaining a respectful work environment begins with leadership. Employees are trained to follow the modules set forth by leadership and in time, mimic their actions and practices. 

In terms of training both new hires and leadership on the importance of respect during daily tasks, keep the following four tips in mind:

  • Appreciate diverse backgrounds and opinions: Respect comes in all shapes and sizes. Employees will always have differing opinions in a business, and these ideas should shape the ultimate outcome, not detract from it. In addition to state laws and OSHA guidelines that protect workers from harassment, businesses must set up their own guidelines when it comes to respecting the input of everyone.
  • Create an inclusive work environment: Employees should always feel included in the workplace. If employees feel as if they are on the fringe of the group, it can not only affect their self esteem and wellness, but also their productivity and overall work contributions. Not every worker must have a friendship with another, but each should have a work-appropriate respectful relationship. If disagreements or differences in opinion arise, be sure to handle the situation in a calm, fair manner.
  • Pay attention to tone and physical presence: Not only does what you say matter, but how it is expressed does too. If a situation arises where an employees needs to be spoken to, be sure to do it in a comfortable, private area for the sake of all parties involved. Be firm, but convey the message in a polite, efficient manner. Maintain an open body posture as well.
  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated: In terms of respect, treat all employees the way you would want someone to treat you in the same situation. Placing yourself in an employee's shoes creates empathy and a connection that can strengthen a work bond over time.

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