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4 ways to bring out the best in new hires

Train new hires effectively with these tips.

Train new hires effectively with these tips.

Finding the perfect worker seems like a daunting process, especially when there are so many applicants out there. If you have finally found your new hire, ensure he or she will be around long-term for company success.

How can you make his or her first few weeks the best they can be? Keep the following four tips in mind during training and into solo days.

  • Create mentorship programs: Connect  new hires with an experienced member of your team. The new hire should be encouraged to reach out to him or her if they have questions or concerns about their job.  
  • Encourage questions: Oftentimes, new employees will have an endless list of questions. Let employees know you are willing and able to help them with any issues that arise. They won't perfect their job role in a day and shouldn't have to. Questions cultivate learning and possible new methods of completing tasks and goals.
  • Give feedback willingly and openly: Even if employees don't ask questions, don't leave them alone forever. Feedback can let new hires know you are nearby and noticing their work. Positive feedback is always appreciated, and negative too, if framed as a learning experience.
  • Introductions are more than a handbook and testing: Don't just dump an old handbook or module after module of online testing on employees. Hands-on experience and delving into the workload headfirst could be just what they need to understand and complete their tasks. Introduce new hires to the rest of the team and show them around. A feeling of belonging early on can start their path off on the right foot.

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