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4 ways graphics enhance learning experiences

Using graphics during learning experiences can help enhance an employee's overall experience.

Using graphics during learning experiences can help enhance an employee's overall experience.

Employees are able to learn in a myriad of ways. Some absorb information better when they hear it spoken, while others prefer it to be written. As a few workers may like to hear tips and instructions via a video, others enjoy simple paper tests.

An emerging way employees are taking in vital information pertaining to work practices and changing ideas is graphic learning. Graphics can be used in a range of learning experiences to support ideas, communicate thoughts and create an overall more visually pleasing learning experience.

The use of graphics in learning enables:

  • A breakup of information: Graphics such as charts, pictures and gifs can break up dense information and otherwise dry material. If employees must undergo the same safety training year after year, consider implementing a visual representation to break up the monotony or add to the experience.
  • A more enjoyable experience: Graphics can be informative, cute, funny or all of the above. Think about the ways in which a graphic can enhance the viewer's experience before implementing it.
  • Better learning: According to 10 different studies conducted by Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard E. Mayer, viewers of both graphics and words during learning experiences were 89 percent more likely to take away more than just receiving information from words. 
  • Organization: Graphics can help organize a set of ideas into one complete thought. Employees are more likely to learn from information that is well thought out and planned from beginning to end. 

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