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4 reasons why you should utilize employee training through mobile means

Mobile technology is changing the workforce.

Mobile technology is changing the workforce.

According to Entrepreneur, there are numerous benefits of mobile-run technology in the workplace. 

Mobile technology should never be viewed as a distraction (although at times it can be) and should be utilized at your personal discretion (based on your company needs) for best results. But why?

  1. Increase employee engagement: Mobile devices allow employees to communicate across the hallway and the world. Allow seamless communication and collaboration between employees using tablets and different system interfaces. Employees that are able to form bonds with others are proven to be more productive and happy, leading to a more engaged workforce.
  2. Mobile technology enables flexibility: According to a recent survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), the mobile market has grown to 1.3 billion in 2015. Many believe mobile technology enables a flexible work-home balance and 20 percent of respondents would willingly take a pay cut for more flexible work options. A flexible workspace is more sought after by employees.
  3. New employees crave mobile-driven environments: According to a CareerBuilder survey, over 5,000 workers and almost 3,000 hiring managers found that two of five candidates believe a company without mobile technology is a major negative aspect. Some would even consider not working there based on that point alone. 
  4. Rise of automation: Mobile technology allows workers to systemize and automate certain work practices such as payroll, attendance and inventory purposes. Utilizing mobile technology allows workers to focus their energy and time on things that should be done face to face such as customer interactions, client meetings and new hire training.

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