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3 ways to increase happiness at work

Increase employee happiness with three effective tips.

Increase employee happiness with three effective tips.

How much does communication actually affect the workday? The answer may seem obvious, but many industries are still lacking the communication that will advance their success to the next level. 

According to recent research from positive psychology, focusing communication on previous success and possible solutions can create an overall better business outcome, as well as increase feelings of positivity. 

These studies found that focusing on positivity in the workplace has the following effects:

  • 23 percent of employees reported lower levels of stress
  • 25 percent of employees had greater performance ratings
  • 31 percent of employees reported higher productivity levels
  • 37 percent of employees reported higher sales.

Increase employee happiness with these three tips: 

  1. Focus on the positive: Not everything during the workday is going to go as planned. When things go wrong, it's important to focus on the positives and move on from there. Instead of seeing a mistake as a mistake, take it as a learning experience. If another employee is struggling, lending a helping hand can enhance both work experiences. A recent survey found that workers who help others more often are happier than those who don't.
  2. Lead by example: Take the positive high road during workday interactions. If other employees continue to work negatively, give yourself some space from them. Being surrounded by positive people is a great way to enhance one's own happiness. 
  3. Start the day right: Begin the day on a positive note with a favorite coffee, five minutes of peaceful thinking or a good conversation. Research has proven that positivity in the morning promotes a productive work ethic that continues throughout the day.

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