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3 ways to hold more productive meetings

Ensure work meetings are as productive as they can be with these three tips.

Ensure work meetings are as productive as they can be with these three tips.

Worker productivity and output has been a hot button issue for months now. Between news segments, tips and behavior to watch out for, what is the real issue? Or rather, what is the real cost of unproductiveness? 

According to Inc.com, unproductive meetings result in:

  • A loss of $37 billion annually.
  • A total loss of 15 percent of an organization's time, which has increased each year since 2008.
  • More than 67 percent of executives consider their meetings to be unproductive.
  • Upper management spends 50 percent of their time in meetings. 
  • 49 percent of attendees admitted to doing unrelated work during meetings, 92 percent admitted to multitasking and almost 70 percent admitted to checking email.

How can leadership teams and management remedy this issue? The response is easy, according to Forbes:

  • Define what the meeting is about: Clearly state what the meeting is about either ahead of time or at the beginning. Do not deviate from this topic. Many issues arise during the work day, but focusing on one at a time will save both time and energy down the road.
  • Leave distractions outside: Don't bring your cell phone or laptop unless it's pertinent to the meeting. Multitasking during the meeting takes away from the main goal as well as distracts you and others from the work that needs to be done.
  • Share information in advance: Give employees a heads up on what the meeting is going to be about so they can prepare questions or related topics to talk about. Reviewing materials ahead of time will help accomplish more the day of the meeting.

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