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3 things to remember in terms of employee training

Why is career development such an important part of a job?

Why is career development such an important part of a job?

Employee training should never end after the initial onboarding period. Employee development continues into the experience of workers completing daily tasks, ensuring customers are satisfied and adding to the development and growth of the business as a whole. 

Keep the following three pieces of information in mind when developing and executing an employee development and training plan:

  • Consider informal training initiatives.

Informal training, such as creating a mentorship program, hosting weekly lunches or planning events after-hours, is a great way to build skills and a sense of community. A mentorship program allows employees to connect across job descriptions and titles, developing bonds and securing new development in the process. Training can be a daunting experience, but informal training can make it seem more doable, for both mentors and mentees. Many studies have found that employees who maintain strong bonds with their coworkers are more likely to remain in a business, complete tasks efficiently and maintain happiness. A happy workforce, creates a happy, successful business.

  • Combine different methods of learning.

No two employees learn in the same manner. Choosing one or two forms of development limits both your workforce and your business in general. Combining a range of learning development, such as online modules, mobile landscapes, lectures and  hands-on experience is a great place to start. Many employees have indicated that hands-on training is the best way that they are able to learn. Although employees can be trained for every instance that may occur, nothing compares to actually experiencing it first hand. According to CNN Money, 57 percent of employees learn through on-the-job experience. 

"Not only is talent management and training an integral part of workforce development, it's proven to be a driving factor in the long-term growth and success of an organization, said Emily He, chief marketing officer of Saba, a global provider of cloud-based intelligent talent management solutions.

  • There is more than one form of employee training.

‚ÄčEmployee training comes in all shapes and sizes. As industries change and new technologies emerge, ensure your workers are equipped to face whatever comes their way. This means enacting different kinds of training. Trainings such as job-specific and individual-specific should be at the top of the list. Job-specific training ensures that an employee is capable of completing every point on the job description safely, efficiently and with future improvement in mind. Likewise, individual-specific training is important as well. Enhancing an employee's career through specific skill building depicts an investment in his or her future within the company. This eliminates the possibility of turnover and cements their role in the business. Looking at employee training as a bunch of different sectors makes it more manageable and ensures no important steps are missed.

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