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3 more onboarding and employee training tips

A learning management system centralizes all of your training materials.

A learning management system centralizes all of your training materials.

In our last article, we discussed three tips for improving your employees' onboarding experience. We emphasized on-the-job training and mentoring as areas to focus more on.

Here are three additional suggestions, as recommended by Andre Lavoie in a recent Entrepreneur article:

Continued development:

While most standard onboarding programs only last a couple of days to a few weeks, and only 15 percent of organizations continue them beyond six months according to the Aberdeen Group, companies may stand to benefit from extending this period.

"Short-term onboarding strategies are not effective in retaining employees or improving productivity and engagement," asserts Lavoie.

Instead, companies should extend the process through informal one-on-ones, surveys and relevant training opportunities. Adopting these measures helps ensure a positive employee experience and can decrease staff turnover, while boosting retention. 

Automated experience:

By making the change to a paperless onboarding system, you simplify things both for your administrators and new hires, so you can focus on the real task at hand: employee assimilation. A learning management system centralizes all of your resources, while also tracking and providing a record of which employees have completed key forms and training sessions. 

Opportunity to provide feedback:

Soliciting employee feedback can help you improve your onboarding and training programs. After they have completed the onboarding process, ask your employees for their opinions. For instance, which programs did they enjoy most, and what would they like to see incorporated more? Through this feedback, you can better tailor your onboarding and training programs to the needs of your employees.

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