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Why companies are investing more in learning management systems

Companies are investing more in learning management systems.

Josh Bersin, founder and Principal of Bersin by Deloitte, recently wrote an article for Forbes, discussing the growing corporate demand for learning management systems. The market for such solutions has grown by 21 percent so far in 2014, exceeding its 13 percent growth in 2013. 

Bersin highlights the main factors leading to increased demand:

  • Corporate training: Companies are seeking to train their teams with the skills necessary to respond to rapid changes in technology. Health care workers must learn new technologies, while Tech workers are seeking to expand their knowledge of Big Data. Health care IT, which has experienced significant job growth, along with hospitals, have an acute need for learning management systems
  • Evolving learning market: Increasingly, companies seek "modernized platforms which are easier to use, offer mobile learning, and tightly integrate with talent and collaboration systems," Bersin writes. Learning management systems provide scalable, flexible and user-friendly solutions, meeting both company and employee needs. 
  • Need to update learning platforms: Learning management systems have advanced considerably from those available even a couple of years ago. As such, companies are realizing the need to update their systems to take advantage of the full range of capabilities. 

SyberWorks' Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management Suite (LCMS) enable the development and management of corporate knowledge, in turn optimizing your organization's productivity and performance. Our solutions are highly flexible, scalable and economical to meet both present and future needs. 

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