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Top technology trends for the workplace in 2015

Learning management systems facilitate mobile learning.

Learning management systems facilitate mobile learning.

New technology tools for the workplace are reshaping how and where people work, according to Josh Bersin, principal of Bersin by Deloitte, which revealed its report, "HR Technology for 2015: Ten Big Disruptions Ahead," on Monday.

Learning technologies that allow users access anytime and any place are becoming increasingly sought-after workplace solutions. 

As 3BL Media explains via press release: "Such workflow-embedded HR practices and mobile applications will allow employees to learn on demand, share work experiences in real-time, update goals on-the-go, and provide real-time data that ultimately can help leaders make better management decisions."

Bersin emphasizes how these applications and tools are fostering a culture of engagement:

"By embedding and automating HR practices into applications employees use every day, HR 'systems of record' are becoming 'systems of engagement,'" he notes.

Learning management systems (LMS) are one of the technological trends Bersin highlights. LMS systems are facilitating the rapidly growing trend of mobile learning, as mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, become employees' go-to interface for HR solutions. LMS technologies allow mobile learning and can be seamlessly integrated with other systems.

Bersin explains that new LMS technologies can integrate learning with talent and performance management solutions. Many include integrated content and expertise-management capabilities. Others seamlessly integrate with document management systems (DMS). 

A learning management system can improve your organization's training and staff's productivity, while also ensuring compliance. 

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