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The importance of defining requirements for your LMS

Listing your requirement is an important part of choosing an LMS.

Listing your requirement is an important part of choosing an LMS.

When deciding on implementing a learning management system (LMS) to your organization or replacing an existing one, you need to develop clear requirements. The more specific your stipulations are, the easier it will be to evaluate the products under consideration. 

Learning Solutions Magazine recommends that the individuals in charge of choosing an LMS spend a significant amount of time listing what they want out of the new system. 

"Try to focus on what learners or administrators must be able to do with the LMS," the source states. "Each requirement should express a need, not a solution. Each requirement should be discrete, without repeating or overlapping other requirements, and you should write it at the same broad-based level of detail. If you end up with somewhere between 30 and 60 requirements, you're probably at the right level of detail."

The magazine also suggests that you organize your requirements into the following three categories:

  • Cost - This requirement focuses on how a new system matches up with your company's budget. A LMS should be a cost-effective solution for the number of employees at your organization.
  • Functional - This describes what a system must be able to do from a learning management perspective. An example of a functional requirement would be an LMS being able to be accessed at any time of the day for users from different time zones.
  • Technical – How will the LMS fit into the wider IT system within the organization? An LMS being able to handle an increasing number of users would be an example of a technical requirement. 

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