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The importance of adaptive learning

Enhance the learning experience of your employees with a learning management system.

Enhance the learning experience of your employees with a learning management system.

Employee learning is a vital part of the development and progression of a business. If employees stop learning, for one reason or another, both their advancement and the success of the business will be stunted. 

Adaptive learning, a new type of development, is beginning to change the way workers immerse themselves in a work environment.

As defined by Education Growth Advisors (EGA), a firm focused on the education sector, adaptive learning is "personalized learning" as a "pedagogical method or process that draws on observation to inform tailored student educational interventions designed to increase the likelihood of learner success."

Many businesses are beginning to find that the traditional way of learning has become obsolete. One-size-fits-all training may work for some, but adaptive learning can work better for all.

Adaptive learning allows employees to learn at their own pace, using a forum that works best for them and only focuses on the most vital information. Companies such as Google and Yahoo have begun to use adaptive learning for their employee development, highlighting its surge into mainstream Fortune 500 businesses. 

Using a learning management system can enhance the adaptive learning process. Using a learning management system in a business may seem like a run-of-the-mill experience, especially if it features generic tools and methods.}

SyberWorks' learning management system has numerous features and capabilities. Easily accessible on mobile forums, SyberWorks has optional customization services available for personal enhancements tailored to your business. 

SyberWorks has an extensive learning management system available for all your needs. Learn about SyberWorks services and its learning management system on our website. Schedule a product demonstration by calling 888-642-7078, email us at info@syberworks.com or register on our site.

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