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The benefits of LMS: Improving accessibility

Learning management systems improve accessibility and productivity.

Learning management systems improve accessibility and productivity.

In previous articles, we've discussed the numerous benefits of learning management systems. One of the top benefits is mobile learning. An LMS can provide content to employees on their smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices. This is important for the increasingly mobile workforce. 

Learning management systems are software applications that centralize company-specific information and resources for employees. They automate a range of programs from learning to professional development, performance evaluations and human resource processes. 

With a learning management system, companies can schedule a range of training times for their different employees. Likewise, employees– regardless of their physical location — can access these materials at their convenience within the allotted amount of time set forth by the company. This allows employees who telecommute to access company resources at the time that best suits their needs. 

Not only does the flexibility of LMS software allow companies to attract employees, it also increases the productivity of existing employees. With an LMS, companies can use content that is interactive, including videos. An LMS increases the opportunities for engagement and collaboration among the mobile workforce.

At the same time, LMS decrease operating costs for companies who implement them, as we've mentioned in past articles. This comes in the form of reduced travel times, as well as lower facility fees and training costs. LMS technology also helps reduce administration expenses, as administrators do not need to spend as much time scheduling and tracking participants' results. 

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