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The benefits of learning management systems

Learning management systems offer many advantages.

Learning management systems offer many advantages.

Learning management systems (LMS) offer many advantages. It's usually for a combination of reasons that companies decide to invest in an LMS. The solution offers a centralized learning platform and flexible and mobile learning. These benefits allow employees to access material at the time and location that best suits them. Moreover, it alleviates the burden on your administrators, who no longer have to deal with scheduling training sessions that all employees can attend. 

Another major advantage of learning management systems is their ability to improve workplace compliance and safety. Particularly if you work in certain industries, such as construction or manufacturing, it is critical that you take steps to reduce risks and be in compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA's) regulations. 

Centralized learning and training platform

Having your company training and learning resources organized can save time and ensure relevance, as content can be easily updated to reflect the most recent SOPs. Manually managing your training and learning resources can become a huge burden and time waste. For instance, you may have some course content in Word or PowerPoint, and others in PDF, making it difficult to make uniform changes without something inadvertently falling through the cracks. Moreover, you may use Excel spreadsheets or similar databases to track your users' completion but this requires spending time rifling through these sheets to find the relevant document. 

However, with a centralized learning and training system, everything is compiled seamlessly in one system. In addition, the system automates the learning process, so that your administrators can engage in other important work. Centralization saves both time and resources. When you want to make an update or addition to material, you can upload the most recent version of any training resource. 

Consistency in delivery and evaluation are other benefits that come with a centralized learning platform. An LMS also provides advanced reporting and data analytics so your organization can get more insight into users' experience and performance. 

Flexible and mobile learning

The benefits, however, don't end at centralization. With a learning management system, your organization and its employees benefit from flexible and mobile learning.

Learning management systems are "flexible" in two senses. First, the material can be customized to different target audience, whether employees, customers or partners. Second, employees can take the courses at the time and place that best works with their schedule.

Having the ability to tailor content is critical because different departments will have different training and learning needs. In addition, you can choose to have a system with role-based permissions, allowing you to separate content by type of user. 

Mobile learning is also hugely important in this day and age. If your employees have a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop, they can access your LMS materials. In addition, with an LMS, you can deliver correctly formatted content to any mobile device.

Compliance and Safety

We have discussed how learning management systems can centralize your learning material and make training material more easily accessible. Yet there's another advantage to the technology: It can improve your compliance and safety. OSHA requires that industries administer certain training to their employees. With an LMS, you can ensure that employees receive this training and you have the proof to verify this. Learning management systems also improve safety, as they education employees about protocols.

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