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Seven benefits of LMS programs

An LMS meets many of your company's needs.

An LMS meets many of your company's needs.

A learning management system (LMS) is a valuable investment for your company. From centralizing training programs and making them more efficient to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, an LMS meets many needs. Here are some of the top benefits of an LMS for your business:

1.) Centralized learning platform—An LMS centralizes and organizes a wide range of company materials, including training resources, development plans and assessment data. User-friendly, such a system allows employees to view the most up-to-date versions of particular documents as it tracks updates. An LMS has the added benefit of creating consistency in your content.

2.) Content delivery for third parties—In addition to serving as a vital platform for employees, an LMS can meet the needs of your company's partners, customers and members. Role-based permissions, which are a feature of some LMS platforms, can separate content by user. 

3.) eLearning—An LMS can also enable eLearning. Employees are able to use the LMS to access eLearning course materials. Moreover, the LMS stores users' results, creating transcripts for individual users.

5.) Mobile Learning—Another benefit is convenience. An LMS can provide content to users via their smart phones or tablets. 

6.) Reduction in training costs—An LMS can help reduce your company's training costs. By implementing an LMS, your company is able to cut down on in-person training that necessitates costs including travel and paper training resources. 

7.) Compliance—Finally, an LMS can ensure compliance with regulatory standards concerning training for your particular industry. An LMS provides both uniform training and assessment of users' performance and understanding of material. 

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