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Report: 1.9 million people worldwide registered for Stanford University’s online learning courses

Online learning courses allow people worldwide to take classes from Stanford University.

Online learning courses allow people worldwide to take classes from Stanford University.

E-learning has the power to deliver training to employees on a widespread scale. As we have discussed previously, e-learning provides a way to deliver comprehensive training to all of  your employees in a cost-effective way that is simple to manage. Because employees can access courses with an Internet connection, it offers the flexibility of letting them receive training from a variety of locations.

This is one of the factors that makes e-learning so attractive for schools. A recent report from Stanford University detailed that 1.9 million people around the world were able to register for its public courses, according to an article from Campus Technology. Despite being in locations all over the world, online access means that students have been able to receive four million hours of instruction since 2012, according to the source. 

Most of the students taking these courses were based in the United States, but students from Canada, China, India and the United Kingdom also took them. By using online tools, Stanford is able to expose its educational offerings to a broad worldwide audience.

The flexibility of e-courses holds benefits for online learning in schools and beyond. Businesses looking to implement training to a large audience of employees are able to do so.

With a learning management system, companies can deliver comprehensive training in a way that is scalable to the unique needs of the business, and can be adjusted as needed. This way, employees are able to participate in on the job, online, traditional classroom training and self-paced study, and even engage with this information from their mobile devices. 

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