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Nurses using smartphones in the workplace may be out of compliance with hospital safety regulations

Smartphone use by nurses presents a safety problem for some hospitals.

Smartphone use by nurses presents a safety problem for some hospitals.

The use of smartphones for communication between nurses and other hospital staff members presents a problem for many hospitals when it comes to staying in compliance with safety regulations. 

Although nurses are reportedly using smartphones instead of pagers to improve efficiency, the use of personal smartphones while at work shows a disregard for policies that prohibit their use. Pagers are still preferred by hospitals because they present fewer safety risks, but due the amount of time nurses spend waiting around to receive pages, many have turned to smartphones to expedite communication, InformationWeek reported

Nurses may be busy, but that doesn't mean that they can disregard policies meant to ensure safety in hospitals. Cell phones can be hazardous in a hospital environment due to their tendency to carry germs. They also present security risks when transmitting sensitive patient information and can expose the hospital network to potential malware. Even though many hospitals have yet to improve the flow of communication, there are other things that can be done to make sure nurses and other hospital staff members comply with policy.

Training courses from a hospital learning management system can help keep all employees working together and on the same page. Training courses can help to keep staff informed about the details surrounding HIPAA rules governing patient security and privacy, which are being compromised when nurses use smartphones to communicate in the workplace. 

A learning management system allows all aspects of personnel training requirements to be easily tracked and managed, ensuring that departments are meeting federal, state and local requirements. Although it may take some time for hospitals to improve communication systems, by implementing comprehensive training programs, they can work to cut down on risks in the meantime.

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