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Learning management systems make it possible to implement training across large organizations

E-learning courses make it possible for employees to spend extra time with training material.

E-learning courses make it possible for employees to spend extra time with training material.

Implementing comprehensive training at a large organization can be a challenge. As a result, some forego this important step in organizational development, thinking that they will save on time and costs. 

Training is essential to the success of any organization. Without skilled workers, a company can only go so far to reach its goals. However, with the right learning system, equipping employees with the skills they need for a job well done becomes much easier.

A recent Forbes article details the experience that Brookshires Grocery Company, an 85 year-old business, had when implementing a learning management system. The company, which employs thousands of people, previously had no program for employee training and development. 

However, after using a learning management system, the company experienced many benefits. They were able to save on costs by using e-learning courses to replace onsite training. When employees did not understand a course the first time, they could easily retake it to gain a better understanding of the material. 

The company was able to attain measurable results in the areas of employee engagement and safety. As we have discussed previously on this blog, safety training is an essential aspect of maintaining a compliant workplace. By using a learning management system, Brookshires Grocery Company was able to provide critical skills to employees across 155 stores, consistently and quickly. 

With a learning management system, you can track and monitor all of your company's training programs. You can implement e-learning courses for your staff to take either on or offline, while you easily create and manage content. 

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