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Learning management systems improve hospital patient care and best practices

Learning management systems help hospitals track employee training and licensures.

Learning management systems help hospitals track employee training and licensures.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations need to ensure their compliance with potential Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organization's (JCAHO) audits. These audits require that hospitals have training requirements for accreditation in place, as well keep patient privacy and clinical licensures updated. In these areas, a learning management system (LMS) can help organizations strengthen their compliance, all while improving patient care and employee knowledge and best practices. 

Learning management systems for hospitals provide comprehensive, scalable and flexible solutions. They are able to track and manage personnel training requirements, CEUs, CME's, as well as contact hours and department mandatories required by a range of local, state and federal agencies, including the JCAHO and OSHA, among others.

Tracking personnel training requirements and clinical licensures is crucial to hospitals, as these enable clinicians and other employees to practice. 

Moreover, learning management systems are scalable. The advantage of this is that hospitals can test-run smaller pilot projects to decide whether they want to expand to a facility-wide system. Many hospitals report the advantages of experiencing LMS benefits on a micro level first before then transitioning to a system-wide launch. 

HealthcareSource's Blog cites several examples of successful approaches to LMS models. Barnabas Health introduced voluntary training for its employees through an LMS, transitioning to paid mandatory online training when enough employees had gained familiarity with the system. Similarly, Huntsville Hospital took an innovative approach to its LMS, choosing to install cyber cafes close to cafeterias so that employees could easily take online courses. 

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